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Cedar Fence

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We’re proud to provide our custom-designed Cedar Fence Picket for outdoor living. Japanese Cedar Fence picket increases the lifespan and aesthetic measure, thanks to the strength and quality of our Japanese Cedar lumber and our strict manufacture. At Miki Forest, we offer Fence company and Fence contractor a wide-range of cedar fence options and can manufacture our fence products to any profile you need.

Dog Ear

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Gothic Fence Pickets and Post

Primed French Gothic Fence Pickets.jpg
Gothic Fence Pickets.jpg
Primed Gothic Fence Post.png
Cedar Gothic Fence Post.jpg

Cedar Fence Panel

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Cedar Siding

Cedar Siding 01_edited.jpg
Cedar Siding 02.png

FJEG Cedar Lumber

FJ on the edge

Fing Joint Cedar.jpg

FJ on the surface

Fing Joint Cedar 02.jpg

Primed Cedar Bevel Siding

Cedar Bevel Siding.png
Rough Surface.jpg

Cedar S4S

Cedar S4S.png

Cedar Raise Garden Bed

Cedar Raise Garden Bed.jpg
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